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Meleco Wealth Management is a local financial advisor in Albany and the surrounding areas. We focus on helping individuals and their loved ones preserve wealth, generate more income, and minimize portfolio risk. Our comprehensive wealth management experts specialize in multiple investment services such as insurance, estate planning services, education funding, and retirement planning.

Our absolute passion for financial planning and wealth management has helped us to be successful. We strive toward learning more about the industry each day. This helps us to keep up with the ever-evolving laws, standards, methodologies, and products in the financial planning industry.

Our company also has a solid track record and reputation built upon the foundation of loyalty and trust. We understand that we are dealing with personal finances and prudent decisions that require a trustworthy client-financial advisor relationship. This way, we are able to avoid detrimental impacts to your financial planning. We are willing to answer all your questions concerning our core values, level of expertise, and service fees. We go above and beyond to avoid conflict of interest and act with integrity while prioritizing your interests above all else.

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Financial planning often involves investment management, estate planning, taxes, and retirement plans. We have the skills to analyze your financial portfolio and complete analysis. We understand there is a no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to formulating a financial portfolio for our clients. This is why we use our expertise and skills to tailor every plan to best suit every client’s needs.

Our company uses a comprehensive strategy and individual outlook for every client. Our approach to any financial planning process is based on a process that involves the following aspects:

  • Analyzing the current financial position
  • Setting specific and achievable financial goals
  • Identifying ideal investment objectives
  • Determining a risk profile
  • Considering all assets such as deferred comp, company/government retirement, and pension plans
  • Setting an ideal asset allocation policy
  • Building a review and monitoring process

Our company takes an overall view of your existing finances. For instance, your income and investments should not determine your investing situation. We learn your full financial picture by assessing your banking, tax, insurance, and credit needs. It helps us to understand your spending habits, debt obligations, and financial goals to develop a precise and achievable investment strategy.

Our Commitment to You

Meleco Wealth Management team will honor our relationship with you. We invite you to schedule a free consultation where we listen and seek to understand your financial needs and goals. We address your concerns and work with you to formulate SMART financial planning strategies.

Our financial advisor in Albany will put your best interests first. They will tailor a financial plan that gets you to where you want to be in the future. We do not push endless products on you to boost our commission or to meet our quota. We will first discuss your goals, background, and concerns by focusing on what suits you best.

We are adequately prepared to handle every change in the financial market or environment. We have formulated cutting-edge techniques and plans to maneuver the challenges. We will help you get through life’s bumps and turns and provide an ideal environment for consistent financial growth. 

After having your plan and implementation strategy in place, we formulate ,monitor and review the plan. This helps us to ensure that you are on track to meet all your set future financial goals. We conduct an in-depth analysis of your strategic investments and give you feedback on the progress. We pinpoint potential pitfalls and tailor the best solutions to avoid them. We also understand that your goals and financial situation can change with time. Therefore, we make the necessary adjustments to ensure your plan is in line with your current life stage.

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