Estate Planning

Estate planning is the creation and accumulation of wealth and its conservation and distribution to the beneficiaries. If you wish to leave a legacy, maybe for your loved ones or a charitable organization, you will need to have a detailed estate plan. This will ensure your legacy is carried out as you wish. Not having an estate plan gives an opportunity for strangers who do not have your best interests at heart to take control of the fate of your finances.

Therefore, if you wish to have control over what happens to your finances and estate, it is important to turn to Meleco Wealth Management for estate planning Albany. We will help you formulate a plan that clearly highlights how you want your estate handled.  

  • Creating a Will: Your estate plan will be based on your will. Therefore, how you structure it will be extremely important. Luckily, our professionals can help you create a Will in a way that best suits the foundation of your estate plan.


  • Power of Attorney: This is the legal document that you sign to grant a person you trust to make the right  decisions on your behalf. We will help you with the document to ensure that all your affairs are in order.


  • Choosing Executors: Executors in an estate plan determine how the estate is dealt with upon your passing. We can help you understand what to look for and who you can trust as your ideal executor.


  • Designating Beneficiaries: It is important to choose the people who will benefit from your estate plan. We will help you include all the needs of your dependents and clearly state how you want them taken care of.


  • Formulating Your Healthcare Considerations: We will help you create a quality healthcare plan that indicates what should be done if your physical or mental health deteriorates. We will guide you to choosing someone you can trust to make informed decisions for you.

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