Financial planning

Financial planning is the foundation of investment advice. It creates a roadmap for your capital and helps you achieve your desired goals. A professionally designed financial plan is vital for everyone who strives to achieve their financial goals throughout all stages of life. This can be through owning a property, funding your dependent’s education, limiting tax exposure, and enhancing a hassle-free and smooth retirement period. Each of these are important components of a great financial plan.

At Meleco Wealth Management, we provide an individualized financial planning strategy that involves:

  • Understanding Your Financial Objectives– Financial planning is important! This is why we first focus on understanding your needs and goals so that we can formulate a plan that generates the results you are looking for.  We employ an ongoing communication strategy where we continue listening to your needs as life and your needs evolve.
  • Formulating a Strategic Plan– Our financial advisor uses your goals and works with you to formulate an individualized and dynamic financial plan. We understand that everyone has unique needs, and that’s why we focus on creating a plan that is custom-fit to your needs. We also design progressive strategies that allow for alteration or amendment based on evolving life circumstances and goals.
  • Implementing the Financial Plan- After having a personalized plan in place, our experts guide you through each step of the process. We ensure the plan is implemented in a way that matches your future financial goals.
  • Reviewing the Plan- We have invested our time and resources to have high-caliber systems in place. These systems best position us to keep a pulse on what happens with your financial plan. We remain focused throughout the reviewing and monitoring process to ensure you are on track to achieve all the set goals.

Financial planning is an ideal way to maximize your existing financial resources by properly managing your finances to achieve your future financial goals. Let us look at the benefits you can reap from hiring a professional financial advisor to help with your financial planning.

  • Income Management– It is easier for you to effectively manage your income through a defined financial plan. Our professionals can help you create a budget so that you do not have to worry if you have the money. Financial planning helps you to monitor your budget by prioritizing your spending, adapting to your financial situation, and achieving your financial goals.


  • Measuring the Progress on Your Financial Goals– With a financial plan in place, you are positioned to set reasonable and measurable goals. This can include continually contributing some money towards your savings account or repaying debts. It helps you to maintain discipline towards focusing on the set targets, thus achieving your future financial goals.


  • Financial Understanding– Financial planning puts you in an ideal position to understand all your finances. At our company, we believe that a financial plan gives you a new approach to your expenditure and ways of enhancing the control over your financial lifestyle.


  • Assets and Liabilities Management– In some instances, you might be in a dilemma not knowing what you’d like to achieve and/or how best to achieve your goals.. Luckily, financial planning can guide you on the best strategies to settle liabilities and how you can alleviate the risk of your assets becoming a burden in the future.


  • Emergencies– Nothing beats having a cushion for the unexpected. Unexpected financial changes can throw you off track if you do not have sufficient savings. It is vital to possess investments with top liquidity to be utilized in cases of an emergency.

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