Investment Planning

Investment planning is a process through which you identify your financial goals and convert them into reality by building a plan. Investment planning is a primary piece of financial planning. At Meleco Wealth Management, we begin the process by identifying your goals and then matching them with your current financial resources. 

In today’s world, there are numerous investment avenues you can choose from.  Whether you choose equities, cash, bonds, and property, we will help you formulate a relevant plan depending on the funds we can invest in to achieve your objectives.

Our investment planning services cover:

  • Understanding your Future Financial Objectives– Our financial advisor in Albany will schedule a well-structured getting to know you’ process. This helps us to understand your goals and make recommendations where necessary.
  • Analyzing a Snapshot– Our second step involves analyzing where you are currently positioned in regard yo your savings and existing portfolio. We review results and devise actionable procedures that can benefit you quickly.
  • Recommending an Investment Strategy– With all the details at hand, our financial advisor can help you formulate a comprehensive and customized investment strategy that best suits your financial goals. We can accomplish this by building upon your current portfolio and recommending new investment strategies that match your personal and financial goals.
  • Implementing Your Plan– We take on an adaptable investment approach that continually shifts with every stage of life. We are equipped to advise and guide you on investment strategy transitions as you go through all of  life’s changes.
  • Guarding your Investments– At Meleco Wealth Management we go above and beyond to monitor and review your investment strategies. This way, we ensure they keep up with the changing investment climates.
  • Consulting, Advising, and Counseling– We focus on forging ongoing professional relationships with our clients. This way, we are positioned to follow up and keep you informed about any proposed changes and potential opportunities or risks for your investment. More importantly, we address your concerns so that you understand exactly what is happening with your finances.
  • Conducting thorough Due Diligence on your Investments– We do this to ensure that we are on top of the latest trends in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and ETF’s. We continually review the performance of all strategies and make necessary adjustments depending on your goals.

The objectives of investment planning include:

  • Keeping your Money Safe– You can invest your money for capital reserves. Some investment vehicles prevent your money from diminishing over time. Parking your money in these places ensures that you do not outlive your savings. Government bonds, fixed deposits, and ordinary savings are channels that can help to keep your funds safe.
  • Allow Money to Grow– A common objective of an investment is ensuring that your money increases with time. Capital appreciation is a long-term goal that can help you to secure your financial future. Our skilled financial advisors can help you consider investment options that offer the best returns on  investment. The ideal investments to achieve significant growth include mutual funds, real estate, equities, and commodities.
  • Earning a Steady Stream of Income– Investments allow you to earn a steady source of income.  All income-generating investments will help pay for your daily expenses after you have retired.
  • Minimize the Burden of Tax– Besides capital growth, you also have other compelling incentives to consider some investments. They have the ability to reduce your taxable income, thus bringing down your tax liability.
  • Saving up for Retirement– It is vital to have retirement funds you can count on in your golden years. You can invest the money you earn during your working years in ideal investment options to allow your money to grow enough to sustain you after retirement.
  • Achieving your Financial Goals– Investments are an important tool in achieving your financial goals.

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