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The simple mention of retirement brings some level of relief to anyone working hard every day. Retirement can mean relaxing at home on a weekday morning or the ability to travel freely. People often see retirement as the end of the everyday struggle. If you have a detailed retirement plan, you’ll be financially stable in this next phase of life, regardless of not having a salaried income.

At Meleco Wealth Management we commit to helping anyone who dreams of having a stress free retirement through professional retirement planning. We undergo the process of  formulating retirement income objectives and backing them up with appropriate actions to achieve the objectives.


Without a good retirement plan, your retirement plans can be jeopardized with stress and anxiety resulting from financial instability. We make use of advanced technology to educate you on where you stand with your retirement goals and help you understand how to handle the challenges in the financial markets. This helps you feel confident in working towards meeting your future financial goals.

It is important to understand that retirement planning should start many years before you plan to retire. Part of our assistance as your retirement planner:

  • Thinking of our client’s financial life in three phases. These include building wealth, preserving wealth, and protecting wealth.
  • Understanding your Financial Goals. We do this by diving deep into your financial situation where we evaluate and analyze your needs. This way, we are equipped to tend to your unique financial goals.
  • A Personalized Retirement Plan. This is an in-depth plan that we create for all our clients. It connects all the pieces and defines the process that will help you make the right steps from where you are to where you aspire to be in retirement.
  • Ancillary Services. Besides the other retirement planning approaches, we also help you with other life and financial considerations. These can include charitable giving, tax, and legacy planning. Our experts will help you coordinate all these services into your retirement plan. We also walk the extra mile to match you with professionals who can help you formulate and implement your retirement plan.
  • Progress Meetings– Our company focuses on forging friendly and long-term relationships with our esteemed clients. Throughout the formulation and implementation of your retirement plan, we will communicate and meet with you regularly. This helps to sustain the progress and success of the plain. 

How can retirement planning help me?

Given how life might pan out in the future, starting your retirement plans earlier makes logical sense. The benefits you can reap from retirement planning range from financial and personal to psychological. Retirement planning in Albany often includes:

  • Peace of Mind– Planning ahead alleviates your stress during retirement and the years leading up to it. Failing to plan leaves a cloud of uncertainty that can cause high levels of stress.


  • Contextualizing your Pre-Retirement Decisions– If you make your retirement plans early on, you will be equipped to make more effective career-related and overall financial decisions before your retirement.


  • Being on the Same Page– One of the most significant things about early retirement planning is that you can ensure all your plans work best with other related parties. It helps to ensure that you and your spouse or family in sync when it comes to expenditures and retirement desires


  • Tax Benefits– Professional retirement planning comes with a wide range of benefits. These can include minimizing the amount of income taxes that you’re required to pay during retirement. 


  • Cost Saving– There are various ways to minimize costs with the right retirement planning. You can acquire various insurance policies at lower premiums while still young and in good health instead of waiting until retirement. Not taking advantage of the lower premiums while you are younger puts you at risk of higher rates and even denial of coverage as you age.


  • Legacy Opportunities– Retirement planning provides significant benefits to all your heirs and charitable entities. You should view your legacy as a whole and not only the distribution of your finances and assets to various beneficiaries. Your retirement decision might involve selling a business you have started. You should consider how that decision will affect you and your employees.

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