Tax Planning

Almost everything in the financial world involves taxes in some form, so it’s important to plan ahead. You might need a tax accountant to handle the tax work, but a knowledgeable financial advisor can assist in maximizing your tax planning.

Tax planning is a vital component of an ideal and successful financial plan. That is why at Meleco Wealth Management, we include five key aspects of tax planning. These include:

  • Tax-Efficiency– Anytime you think of investments, you only think of the potential returns without considering the taxes you will need to pay on the money you make. Tax preparers only see a snapshot of your tax situation at the end of the year when it might be too late to correct your huge tax liability. Luckily, our financial advisor in Albany can combine efforts with your tax preparer to minimize your tax bill. This is accomplished through continuous monitoring of your finances throughout the year and helping you implement tax-efficient investment strategies.


  • New Opportunities– Our financial advisors will review your total tax returns on a yearly basis, identify opportunities, and recommend the best strategies to implement throughout the year. We focus on helping you to keep your tax liabilities at bay. We will continually monitor your progress and identify the best opportunities, so you can focus on what matters most to you.


  • Bird’s Eye View– This allows our financial advisors to formulate your plan and portfolio as required to make sure you remain on track. This means you can rest assured that you are in good hands and your financial future is not at risk.


  • Legislation Monitoring– Our professional financial advisors in Albany continually monitor changes in tax laws on local and state levels. They identify the changes that might affect your situation now or in the future.

We follow a systematic approach in tax planning to ensure we provide you with the best possible services. Our approach includes:

  • Understanding Your Needs– Tax planning is all about you. Therefore, to ensure we deliver services that best suit you, we make sure to first understand your needs. 


  • Strategizing– After understanding your needs and future goals, we work with you to formulate a personalized financial strategy. We ensure that the plan focuses on helping you fulfill all your objectives.


  • Extensive Planning– Our experienced financial advisors will then create personalized and holistic plans for the short and long-term goals. With our systematic consultative and iterative approach, we make sure that every session brings us a step closer to achieving your future financial goals.


  • Implementation– After having all the plans in place, we will walk with you with every step to best implement them. This may include making quality investment decisions, additional savings to reach your retirement objectives, choosing the ideal insurance plan, or creating the best estate plan to preserve your legacy.


  • Regular Reviewing and Monitoring– Our financial advisor in Albany will stay vigilant throughout the process to ensure you remain on track towards achieving your objectives. We modify the plan and strategies as needed.

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